Sunday, October 10, 2010


There are some days that seem more special than others. Days we attribute important meanings to like birthdays, relationship dates (meetings, weddings etc.) or death anniversaries hold a specific meaning to individuals.

Collectively we celebrate major holidays, anniversaries of patriotism or disaster and religious or political days. These days and the reasons for celebration of memorial are different depending on what country you live in, what your cultural and religious preferences are and your ethnic background.

But are some days special just because of the rarity of a different reason? Take the numerical date of 10/10/10, this particular sequence of the month, day and year lining up exactly the same only happens once a year. By virtue of that alone does that make it a day of significance?

Do certain numerical days have some cosmic power? Can unusual things happen on days like this? Or are they just something fun to think about and like paranormal activity, create an occasion to question odd possibilities and ask “What if?”

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