Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th Remembered

Eight years ago today America was changed.

In some way we were all affected: From the increased security at airports, the increased caution regarding people of certain faiths or of certain ancestral heritage, and the crack downs on various freedoms we took for granted, to the general sense of safety on American shores.

For the people who were lost, and those who lost loved ones the memories of today are even more prominent. An empty chair at the dinner table. A Christmas stocking that doesn't need to be hung. A voice that was forever silenced.

While the tragedy is not at the forefront of most American's minds anymore, we cannot skip today on our calendars and as with Memorial Day, we need to find a way to come to terms with still honoring those who have died, but not causing the day to be one centered around grief and anger.

I didn't vote for Obama. And frankly there has been very little that he's done (that I'm aware of) that I approve of. But I do agree with the idea of using today as a day to do random acts of kindness and community service.

We can all use more love. The world needs more kindness. Each individual person and the choices they make every day can be that amazing change.

Eight years ago today America was changed. We cannot undo what happened. But today we can make that change be one of kindness to strangers. Love to our fellow human beings. Service to humanity. We can make today a day that people can remember with a smile and not just a tear.

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