Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Resorts, Er… Prisons

Homeless? Lost your job and evicted from your home? Just don't feel like getting a job?

Move to Illinois and commit a crime. Then kick back and enjoy the good life!

If THIS is prison, where do I sign up?

Punishing the married, the working class and the average citizen to support the illegal immigrants, lazy asses and criminals.

Good Job Obama!

You didn't warn everyone that the "Change" you were bringing was going to be F@ked Up! (or maybe you only told certain people and THAT is how you got elected...?)

The pictures are of Cook County Correctional Center in Illinois

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Carol said...

Brilliant. Oh so brilliant and oh, so wrong Wrong, WRONG! There's only one problem, Einstein... that's not a jail in Illinois at all. Oh, it IS a prison alright... in AUSTRIA. That pretty much makes all of the scathing observations you made about it look pretty ignorant now, doesn't it? But hey - don't feel bad. You were only off by an ocean and a few continents... honest mistake.